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We the people ask the federal government to Propose a new Administration policy:

Resettle Syrian Refugees in the U.S

Created by G.B. on August 31, 2015

By the end of April 2015 , the UN estimated 6.5 million people had been displaced in Syria, while more than +4 million refugees had fled to countries such as Lebanon (1.2 million), Jordan (608,000) and Turkey (1.75 million) and thousands more in Europe.

Germany expects to accept 800,000 asylum seekers this year, four times more than in 2014 and more than any other EU country. The US has so fare admitted less than 1000 Syrian refugees.

United States of America; the most powerful nation, the largest economy, and the champion of democracy and human rights should stands for its values .

The International Rescue Committee has argued for the U.S. to accept at least 65,000 refugees.

We are asking the President and the government to pledge to resettle at least 65,000 Syrians by 2016.


Response to Petition

A response to your petition on the Syrian Refugee Crisis:

Thank you for signing a petition about the current refugee crisis in Syria on the We the People petition platform.

Let's start with what we know:

No one chooses to be a refugee. It is a perilous life forced upon you through no fault of your own. Be it war, violence, or persecution for who you are or what you believe -- your home country is now a place you no longer feel safe. This is an all-too-common experience for millions of innocent people around the world. And right now, we are witnessing the human suffering of thousands of Syrian families -- their personal tragedies are being broadcast across our newspapers.

Now, we must not only do what we can to help these refugees, but also do everything we can to help the others who remain behind. Humanitarian aid provides an absolutely vital lifeline to millions of Syrians who are displaced within the country and in its neighboring countries.

That is why, under President Obama, the U.S. is the world's largest donor of humanitarian aid, having contributed $4 billion in aid to date to help meet urgent needs in the most effective way. The President has also directed his Administration to scale up the number of Syrian refugees we will bring to the U.S. next year to at least 10,000.

In considering policies to effectively respond to this ongoing crisis, the Administration continues to work with policymakers and the people who are most affected by the crisis -- including George Batah, a Syrian immigrant and the creator of this petition.

After he created this petition, we invited George to the White House to discuss the President's current efforts and how we can work together with communities across the country to more effectively address this crisis.

Policy discussions are ongoing, and we will continue to provide updates on the situation and what we're doing to help here.

But we can all help meet the most urgent needs of refugees from Syria and other countries around the world. That’s why the President called on the people of America, including non-governmental organizations, universities, communities, and entrepreneurs to use the platforms and skills they have to contribute to the humanitarian efforts on the front lines of this crisis.

As Americans, that’s who we are. So it comes as no surprise that companies you might recognize have stepped up in a big way to lend a hand. Check out what President Obama has to say about it.

How You Can Answer President Obama's Call to Aid Refugees

If you want to find a way to help, this is a great place for you to start. You’ll find out exactly what’s happening on the ground and the many ways you can get involved to help.

Thank you.

- The We the People Team

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