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We the people ask the federal government to Change an existing Administration policy:

Place the DC “Taxation Without Representation” License Plate on the Presidential Limousine.

Created by M.B. on December 19, 2012

District of Columbia residents pay taxes and fight and die in wars, but do not have a vote in Congress.

In 2000, D.C.’s locally-elected leaders made “Taxation Without Representation” the official license-plate motto to demonstrate the injustice experienced by more than 600,000 Americans who live in the capital city.

President Obama supports a vote in Congress for the people of DC. But the license plates on the Presidential motorcade do not include the Taxation Without Representation message.

We ask that the Administration place the Taxation Without Representation plates on his vehicle prior to the inauguration so the nation will clearly understand the political reality in DC.

Response to Petition

No Taxation Without Representation!

By David Agnew

That slogan rings just as true today as it did back in 1773.

After living in the District for four years, President Obama has seen firsthand how unfair it is for D.C. residents to spend their lives working hard, raising children, and paying taxes without a vote in Congress.

We hope you noticed that during his Inauguration President Obama's Motorcade was sporting the D.C. "Taxation without Representation" license plates. Well, we've got some good news for you.

Those tags are staying on.

Presidential License Plate

President Obama supports a vote in Congress for the people of Washington, D.C. -- as well as Home Rule and budget autonomy.

President Obama will continue to show his support for efforts in Congress to bring full representation for the people of the District of Columbia -- including displaying its license plates.

So thanks for your petition, and taking part in the We the People platform.

David Agnew is Deputy Assistant to the President and the Director of Intergovernmental Affairs

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