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Recognize the Klu Klux Klan as a domestic terrorist organization & make their eradication a Homeland Security priority.

Created by C.M. on June 29, 2015

The North Carolina based Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, which calls itself the “largest Klan in America, will be speaking outside the North Carolina State House. The groups leader, Robert Jones, has stated that he believes Dylann Roof "was heading in the right direction." And, "He should have actually aimed at the African-American gang-bangers"

The KKK has been responsible for far too many deaths and too much violence against American citizens in our country's history. They are terrorists, plain and simple. The White House needs to declare them as such and deny them the legitimacy they currently appreciate. There is no excuse to let them organize. Hate speech should not be protected speech. Endorsements of violence are terrorism.

Response to Petition

Response to Your Petition on the Ku Klux Klan

Thank you for your participation on the We the People petition platform.

A couple months ago, you signed a petition asking the Administration to “[r]ecognize the Ku Klux Klan as a domestic terrorist organization” and “make [its] eradication a Homeland Security priority.”

The U.S. government has long identified white supremacy extremists among the domestic terrorism threats confronting our nation, and the existence of such groups represents a continued threat to the ideals of our nation. That’s why the federal government doesn’t hesitate to investigate and take appropriate action when there is an indication that white supremacists or white supremacist groups threaten or use force, or engage in other illegal activities. Indeed, although simply believing in white supremacy or belonging to a white supremacist group—while abhorrent—is not a crime, the federal government has successfully charged white supremacists over the years using many federal statutes, including those prohibiting civil rights violations and solicitation to commit crimes of violence. The federal government also works closely with local and state law enforcement and community-based organizations to identify, investigate, and prosecute hate-fueled violence.

We take this type of criminal activity very seriously. Here are three keys the FBI has outlined to combatting white supremacy extremism:

  • Emphasis on the lawful gathering, analyzing, and sharing of intelligence on current and emerging trends, tactics, and threats;
  • Collaboration with its partners on the local, state, tribal, and federal levels -- especially those on Joint Terrorism Task Forces around the nation; and
  • Support for Americans who find these types of crimes abhorrent and antithetical to our way of life.

Perhaps most importantly, we believe that all Americans have a role to play in combatting hate and intolerance, in uplifting our nation, and in making our union more perfect. As President Obama noted earlier this year in Selma, Alabama, where he spoke on the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday:

"What greater expression of faith in the American experiment than this, what greater form of patriotism is there than the belief that America is not yet finished, that we are strong enough to be self-critical, that each successive generation can look upon our imperfections and decide that it is in our power to remake this nation to more closely align with our highest ideals?"

If you have information on domestic terror threats of any kind, submit a tip here, or contact your local FBI field office .

Thank you for your participation in the We the People platform. We’ll be back in touch soon.

- The We the People Team

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