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We the people ask the federal government to Call on Congress to act on an issue:

Repeal the House of Representatives Resolution 121 to stop aggravating int'l harassment by Korean propaganda & lies!

Created by Y.I. on June 21, 2012

In "Discount Japan" campaign, using holocaust image conveniently, South Korea takes advantage of Seiji Yoshida's creation "comfort women" which later he confessed a fiction.
Oral testimonies are not evidence of coercing or abduction!

The House Resolution 121 in 2007 is based on fabrication. It gives South Korea a path to accuse Japan for its deed during WWII therefore to justify their murder, abduction, and invasion of Takeshima islands which has abundant of methane hydrate.

If US-Japan alliance is truly the cornerstone of US security interests in Asia and the Pacific and is fundamental to regional stability and prosperity, do NOT allow Koreans to deteriorate it. We strongly request US government to act only based on truth and justice!

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Response to Petition

Response to We the People Petition on House of Representatives Resolution 121

Thank you for your petition on House of Representatives Resolution 121.

The trafficking of women for sexual purposes during World War II was an egregious violation of human rights.  As President Obama has said, “it is in the interest of both Japan and the Korean people to look forward as well as backwards and to find ways in which the heartache and the pain of the past can be resolved, because…the interests today of the Korean and Japanese people so clearly converge.”  We encourage Japan to continue to address this issue in a manner that promotes healing and facilitates better relations with neighboring states. We also emphasize the importance of treating surviving women with dignity and respect.

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