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Support the People of Catalonia in their effort to decide their own future

Created by S.M. on November 24, 2012

The People of Catalonia, the Northeastern region of Spain, would like to hold a referendum on whether or not they would like to become independent from the Spain. The Catalan people have their own distinct language, culture and traditions that are not being respected by the Spanish government; many Catalans do not feel Spanish, but rather a Catalan citizen without their own State. In 2012 during their national holiday, 1.5 million people took to the streets of Barcelona to demand independence, yet the Spanish government simply ignored them. In adherence to the guiding principles of our own Declaration of Independence, we ask the United States government to stand with the Catalan people's right to decide a future that is best for them through a fair and democratic referendum.

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Response to Petition

Our response to the people of Catalonia

By Caitlin Hayden

Thank you for your petition regarding the people of Catalonia. The United States recognizes the unique culture and traditions of the Catalan region, but considers the status of Catalonia to be an internal Spanish matter. We are confident that the Government and the people of Spain will resolve this issue in accordance with their laws and Constitution.

Caitlin Hayden is Deputy NSS Spokesperson and Assistant Press Secretary

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